Sunday, September 20, 2009

Displaying Images Transparent, With Mouseover Effect

How a transparent image above effect is not so difficult, that we need only use CSS Image Opacity property. But before you should also know CSS opacity property is not included in the standard CSS, which this property works well only on some modern web browsers only.

Examples of the mouseover effect to the more dim light (set directly in the picture).

onmouseout="this.style.opacity=0.4;this.filters.alpha.opacity=40" / />

<img src="Your Image URL" style="opacity:0.4;filter:alpha(opacity=40)"
onmouseout="this.style.opacity=0.4;this.filters.alpha.opacity=40" />

Examples of the mouseover effect to dim light (set directly in the picture)

onmouseout="this.style.opacity=1;this.filters.alpha.opacity=100"/ />

<img src="Your Image URL" border="1" style="opacity:1;filter:alpha(opacity=100)"

Maybe a bit hard if each image must be set one by one the value of his property, now that every partner posts directly having an effect automatically, can directly add this CSS code:

.post img{opacity:1;filter:alpha(opacity=1); this.style.opacity=6}

.post img:hover{opacity:.5;filter:alpha(opacity=100); this.style.opacity=1}

As far as I usually use the property Firefox opacity: x for tranparancy, unlike IE which uses filter: alpha (opacity = x). In Firefox opacity: x value of x can be filled with values between 0.0 -1.0, while the IE filter: alpha (opacity = x) the value of x between 0-100.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

10 Biggest Explosion at the World

This is a row of one to ten of the largest explosion ever in the world. Read it carefully and well!

1. Gamma-ray emission

Gamma rays are the strongest person I know in the universe. Rays emanating from a very remote area, but look, is GRB 090423, to reach "the world" we are at a distance 13 billion light years!! from the earth. The explosion, which only recorded less than 1 second, releasing energy more than 100 times the energy released by the sun during the 10 M

2. Supernova

Supernova is a star that exploded is often "illuminated" the whole galaxy. The brightest supernova ever on record in which history is seen in the constellation Lupus (Latin for wolf) in the spring of 1006. Extraordinary explosion of golden now known as SN 1006 occurred in nearly 7100 light years away, and bright enough to cause the shadows at night, and read at night, and still look up to many months in the daytime

3. Comet Shoemaker-explosion Levy9

Comet Shoemaker-Levy9 collided spectacularly with Jupiter in 1994, these giant planets gravitational pull dab comet comet broke up an area of 3km, and they Menghujam at 60 km / 21 seconds to produce a visible impact. Largest collision caused a fire ball up as high as 3000 km above the Jovian clouds and cause black spots with a diameter 12.000km2 (about registration for the earth) and is expected to explode with the power of Giga Tonnes of TNT 6000

4. Cretaceous-Tertiary collision

Dinosaurs era ended in disaster, nearly 65 million years ago, which killed nearly half of all species on this planet, although the researchers suggest that the planet on the verge of environmental kehacuran before the collision the Cretaceous-Tertiary (meteorite), which is 180 km wide crater in chixulub in Mexico might be the location of the collision.

5. The explosion of Mount Tambora

In 1815, Mount Tambora in Indonesia exploded with a force nearly 1000 mega tons of TNT, an explosive volcano terdahsyat recorded in history. The blast threw the 140 billion tonnes of magma, and not only killed 71,000 people on the island of Sumbawa (Near Lombok), but volcanic ash that made causes of global climate anomalies, in the next year (1816), diknal a year without a summer, snow fell in the month of June in Albany NY, rivers of ice can be found in July in Pennsylvania, and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide suffer from hunger

6.Explosion In Podkamennaya Tunguska River

A mysterious explosion Podkamennaya Tunguska river dean in 1908 flattened an area of 2000km2 from the Siberian forests (nearly the width of Tokyo). Researchers think that the explosion disebankan by an asteroid or comet may be a diameter of 20m and weighing 185,000 metric tons (7 times the weight of titanic). The explosion that produced nearly as strong as 4 mega tons of TNT (250 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb)

7. Atomic bomb at Trinity Site, Alamogordo

The first atomic bomb in history, the blow on the Trinity site, near Alamogordo, NM in 1945, nearly detonates premises power 20kilo tons of TNT, scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer later said, when he watched the test, he thought an excerpt from the manuscript Bhagavas Hindu Gita: "I will become Death, destroyer of worlds", nuclear weapons to end WWII and then caused the fear of nuclear weapons until decades later. Scientists later found that communities in New Mexico may be exposed to nuclear radiation thousands of times the normal limit that can still be tolerated by the body.

8.Nuclear in Chernobly, Ukraine

In 1986, a nuclear reactor exploded in Ukraine Chernobly, it was the worst nuclear accident in sejaran, the blast threw Rector weighed 2000 tons and 400 times the level of spreading radioaktive than the Hiroshima bomb, contaminate more than 200,000 km2 of Europe, 600,000 people exposed to high doses of radiation , and more than 350,000 people were evacuated from the regional to the first atomic terkontaminasi.Bom in history, the blow on the Trinity site, near Alamogordo, NM in 1945, nearly detonates premises power 20kilo tons of TNT, scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer later said, when he watched the test, he thought an excerpt from the manuscript Bhagavas Hindu Gita: "I will become Death, destroyer of worlds", nuclear weapons to end WWII and then caused the fear of nuclear weapons until decades later. Scientists later found that communities in New Mexico may be exposed to nuclear radiation thousands of times the normal limit that can still be tolerated by the body.

9. Cargo Ship Crash in France

In 1917, a French cargo ship, which contains full of explosives for World War I, accidentally collided with the Belgium fleet in the port of Halifax, Canada. This causes an explosion with impact far greater than peladak ever made by humans earlier, equivalent to 3 kilo tons of TNT. Spreading the white powder up to 6.100m above the city and caused the tsunami with wave height of 18 m equivalent, up to 2 Km radius around the center of the explosion. It was total destruction, and claimed 2000 lives and injured 9000. That tetao become the world's worst accidents caused by human-made explosives.

10. The explosion in the cargo ship SS Grandcamp

A fire in the cargo ship SS Grandcamp was docked in texas city at 2300 tonnes in 1947 triggered amoniu nitrate, a mixture that is used for fertilizer and high explosives. Explosion merontokan 2 aircraft passing nearby and trigger a chain reaction which triggered the explosion of a cargo ship is also carrying another 1000 tons of ammonium nitrate. This disaster killed lebuh than 600 people and injured another 3500, and is generally categorized BANCANA worst industry in U.S. history

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How to Remove Blogger Navbar

How to Remove / Hide Blogger Navbar

Ihsan pal who asked the question in writing through the shoutbox. He asked how to remove the Blogger Navbar, and this time I will try to discuss it. What is Blogger Navbar? blogger navbar is a small frame of his bloggers who are at the top of the blog. This frame serves to log into blogger or it could be a way to look at other blogs or it could be to mark the blogs that violate TOS if bloggers like blogs that contain elements of pornography or racial intolerance to be reported to the blogger.

Are we able to remove Blogger Navbar? if the question like that then her answers are certainly able, but before removing the navbar is a good idea to think-think, my friend and former blogger TOS, please read carefully, because the risk would bear very heavily on the will of the lid blogger pal account or in other words buddies will lose kesayanangannya blog. Pretty scary is not it? did some time ago, word got out that anyone ever asked the parties whether bloggers should remove navbar blogger or not? and he now allows the blogger to remove the navbar, but I do not know whether the news is true or not that clear pal should always read the TOS carefully.

Still insisted to remove blogger navbar? if it still will I tell, but the risk in their respective responsibilities, I am not responsible if tomorrow something happens with your blog buddies.

To remove the blogger navbar, add buddies living below code in the CSS style sheet:

/* hide navbar
----------------------------- */

#navbar-iframe {

Or it could also put the following code just under the code <body> :

<style type='text/css'>
#navbar-iframe {display:none;}

Enjoy the blog without navbar !
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Uzbekistan Hell Gate [ Picture ]

A natural phenomenon well-metaphor for a reply which certainly everyone wants to avoid it .... This form Secenery in Central Asian countries, Uzbekistan ... Scary but the possibility is of volcanic lava or volcano's mouth ... just a look ... if we enter into it ... but the explanation of this fact ... this place is in reply Uzbekistan held by local residents as Door to Hell ... border lies with a small airport named Darvaz. This story began about 35 years ago wrote. A geologist had dug this place to look for the original gas. Suddenly during the dig, they have a huge gap be found under the ground. because too large so that all the equipment has been digging into the abyss.

No anyone who dared to fall into the abyss the abyss caused by the original gas filled the earth. To avoid the natural gas which will contaminate the earth, they had lit a fire in the gulf, and since from it so that now, has 35 years of this hole burning non-stop for a moment though.

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Flying Fish

Ever seen a fish fly? Fish is not just jumping out of the water surface but also capable of flying up to 200 meters distance together even able to fly in formation as far as 400 meters.

Flying Fish

Flying fish using aerodynamic body to penetrate the surface of the water at high speed and large fins and a strange functions like wings to keep it floating above the waves.

Flying Fish

Flying fish is not actually flying animals, like birds, but it just floated. Flying fish can easily cover the distance up to 200 meters or more and can reach high enough to.

Flying Fish

The first reason the flying fish that have 40 or more species that are flying under the action of running away or escape from predators such as marine fish mackerel, tuna, swordfish and marlin. However these fish are also wary of the threat of bird beak above it, in addition to these fish are also being hunted by fishermen in Japan and Barbados for the meal.

Flying Fish

The mechanism of how these fish can fly, too simple. Initially they will be accelerated in the water until it reaches the speed of 70 km / h assisted by flapping their tails. Once they jumped in the water, fins, fins will develop and use wind to gain altitude. Sometimes they slapped his tail to keep the high jump and change direction.

In some species of flying fish wings on the chest also assisted in the rear wing, so that the four-winged species are more powerful in the air beratraksi. Although not much flying ability, can do flying fish fly together, with a unique formation to travel up to 400 meters.

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Dont Panic Software

Do not Panic, Use a software Do not Panic - Remembering when i still work in a company dijakarta, if the job is not too stacked, or indeed even more complicated, like i surreptitiously operate the computer time to open the Internet or play games as well. But sometimes the boss appeared so suddenly caught a bit of panic because, although the boss was not angry still, something like that makes little sense keki. You also often have something like that?

Now it seemed that such events do not happen again because there is software Do not Panic. With the software do not panic you can close some programs at once or run a program with just one click. What should you do first is set the application anywhere you want on the close if the state of "emergency" and at the same time can open other applications to run.

Dont Panic Software

This software can be downloaded for free at http://sourceforge.net/projects/dont-panic.
So now when the situation is "emergency" do not panic, just use the software Do not Panic!
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Popup Box

By using this script, you can display a close button and the box you can fill the announcement, notice, info, and more. To be sure popup box can be moved and driven in over there. Suitable for business-themed blogs, news, and entertainment.

Use this custom DHTML "widget" to uniquely present new or notable pieces of information to your visitors. The interface is cross browser compatible, and can be dragged/ hidden freely by the user. Now that's something new in itself!

Instruction : (Hold your mouse down over the title bar of the box to drag it).

The Demo click here !.

First, add the code below under ]]></b:skin>

<script type="text/javascript">

* Popup Box- By Jim Silver @ jimsilver47@yahoo.com
* Visit http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ for full source code
* This notice must stay intact for use
* Publish for Blogger by http://blogspot-scripts.blogspot.com

var ns4=document.layers
var ie4=document.all
var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all

//drag drop function for NS 4////

var dragswitch=0
var nsx
var nsy
var nstemp

function drag_dropns(name){
if (!ns4)
temp.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN | Event.MOUSEUP)

function gons(e){
function dragns(e){
if (dragswitch==1){
return false

function stopns(){

//drag drop function for ie4+ and NS6////

function drag_drop(e){
if (ie4&&dragapproved){
return false
else if (ns6&&dragapproved){
return false

function initializedrag(e){
crossobj=ns6? document.getElementById("showimage") : document.all.showimage
var firedobj=ns6? e.target : event.srcElement
var topelement=ns6? "html" : document.compatMode && document.compatMode!="BackCompat"? "documentElement" : "body"
while (firedobj.tagName!=topelement.toUpperCase() && firedobj.id!="dragbar"){
firedobj=ns6? firedobj.parentNode : firedobj.parentElement

if (firedobj.id=="dragbar"){
offsetx=ie4? event.clientX : e.clientX
offsety=ie4? event.clientY : e.clientY


document.onmouseup=new Function("dragapproved=false")

////drag drop functions end here//////

function hidebox(){
crossobj=ns6? document.getElementById("showimage") : document.all.showimage
if (ie4||ns6)
else if (ns4)


Step 2: Insert the below HTML code to the BOTTOM of your page, right above the </body> tag itself:

<div id="showimage" style="position:absolute;width:250px;left:250px;top:250px">

<table border="0" width="250" bgcolor="#000080" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
<td width="100%"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"
<td id="dragbar" style="cursor:hand; cursor:pointer" width="100%" onMousedown="initializedrag(event)"><ilayer width="100%" onSelectStart="return false"><layer width="100%" onMouseover="dragswitch=1;if (ns4) drag_dropns(showimage)" onMouseout="dragswitch=0"><font face="Verdana"
color="#FFFFFF"><strong><small>Announcement Box</small></strong></font></layer></ilayer></td>
<td style="cursor:hand"><a href="#" onClick="hidebox();return false"><img src="close.gif" width="16px"
height="14px" border=0></a></td>
<td width="100%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" style="padding:4px" colspan="2">


Testing 1 2 3



Change "close.gif" above with your images address. Or you can use my images for free.


Configuring the script

All modifications to the script are done in the code of Step 2 only.

1) To customize the displayed content, change the part where the HTML comments are located.

2) To configure the initial location of the box on the page, change the "left" and "top" attributes of the


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Dock Content

This script is a script that will display a dock box that appears on the top right corner that will bring the information, text, images, and others who will appear on without stopping.

Dock Content is useful if you want to know the information to someone. Or you want to put your ad code in the Dock this Content. That will multiply your ad clicks. This is a free blog tips, blog trick, blog hack, and blog scripts.

As you can imagine, this is a great way to seamlessly yet effectively give select content on your page the spotlight, by temporarily (or permanently) maintaining its visibility on the user's screen. Examples of usage are:
  • Docking a navigational menu permanently.

  • Docking an image ad for 5 seconds.

  • Docking an important announcement for 10 seconds.

The Demo, you can click here.

First, add the below css (Casading Style Sheet) to your blog :


Then copy and paste the code below under ]]></b:skin>

&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;

* Dock Content script- Created by and &Acirc;&copy; Dynamicdrive.com
* This notice must stay intact for use
* Visit http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ for full script
* Publish for Blogger by http://blogspot-scripts.blogspot.com

var offsetfromedge=0 //offset from window edge when content is &quot;docked&quot;. Change if desired.
var dockarray=new Array() //array to cache dockit instances
var dkclear=new Array() //array to cache corresponding clearinterval pointers

function dockit(el, duration){
this.source=document.all? document.all[el] : document.getElementById(el);
var pointer=eval(dockarray.length-1);
var dynexpress='dkclear['+pointer+']=setInterval(&quot;dockornot(dockarray['+pointer+'])&quot;,100);';
dynexpress=(this.duration&gt;0)? dynexpress+'setTimeout(&quot;clearInterval(dkclear['+pointer+']); dockarray['+pointer+'].source.style.top=0&quot;, duration*1000)' : dynexpress;

var totaloffset=parseInt(this.source.offsetTop);
var parentEl=this.source.offsetParent;
while (parentEl!=null){
return totaloffset;

function dockornot(obj){
if (obj.pagetop&gt;obj.elementoffset) //detect upper offset
else if (obj.pagetop+obj.docheight&lt;obj.elementoffset+parseInt(obj.source.height)) //lower offset

function truebody(){
return (document.compatMode &amp;&amp; document.compatMode!=&quot;BackCompat&quot;)? document.documentElement : document.body


Step 2: Having done the above, designate a particular content on your page to be docked by adding inside its tag the code in red:

<div id="dockcontent0" class="dockclass">This DIV content is docked</div>

Docked image: <img src="test.gif" id="dockcontent1" class="dockclass" />

where "dockcontent0" is an arbitrary but unique name, and should differ for each additional content you dock (as shown in the image that follows).

Step 3: Finally, you now need to jumpstart the docking engine. To do so, add the below script to the END of your page, right above the tag:

<script type="text/javascript">

var dock0=new dockit("dockcontent0", 0);
var dock1=new dockit("dockcontent1", 10);


Don't forget ! Before you use the scripts (not css) you must encode it !

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