Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to Remove Blogger Navbar

How to Remove / Hide Blogger Navbar

Ihsan pal who asked the question in writing through the shoutbox. He asked how to remove the Blogger Navbar, and this time I will try to discuss it. What is Blogger Navbar? blogger navbar is a small frame of his bloggers who are at the top of the blog. This frame serves to log into blogger or it could be a way to look at other blogs or it could be to mark the blogs that violate TOS if bloggers like blogs that contain elements of pornography or racial intolerance to be reported to the blogger.

Are we able to remove Blogger Navbar? if the question like that then her answers are certainly able, but before removing the navbar is a good idea to think-think, my friend and former blogger TOS, please read carefully, because the risk would bear very heavily on the will of the lid blogger pal account or in other words buddies will lose kesayanangannya blog. Pretty scary is not it? did some time ago, word got out that anyone ever asked the parties whether bloggers should remove navbar blogger or not? and he now allows the blogger to remove the navbar, but I do not know whether the news is true or not that clear pal should always read the TOS carefully.

Still insisted to remove blogger navbar? if it still will I tell, but the risk in their respective responsibilities, I am not responsible if tomorrow something happens with your blog buddies.

To remove the blogger navbar, add buddies living below code in the CSS style sheet:

/* hide navbar
----------------------------- */

#navbar-iframe {

Or it could also put the following code just under the code <body> :

<style type='text/css'>
#navbar-iframe {display:none;}

Enjoy the blog without navbar !


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