Friday, September 18, 2009

Flying Fish

Ever seen a fish fly? Fish is not just jumping out of the water surface but also capable of flying up to 200 meters distance together even able to fly in formation as far as 400 meters.

Flying Fish

Flying fish using aerodynamic body to penetrate the surface of the water at high speed and large fins and a strange functions like wings to keep it floating above the waves.

Flying Fish

Flying fish is not actually flying animals, like birds, but it just floated. Flying fish can easily cover the distance up to 200 meters or more and can reach high enough to.

Flying Fish

The first reason the flying fish that have 40 or more species that are flying under the action of running away or escape from predators such as marine fish mackerel, tuna, swordfish and marlin. However these fish are also wary of the threat of bird beak above it, in addition to these fish are also being hunted by fishermen in Japan and Barbados for the meal.

Flying Fish

The mechanism of how these fish can fly, too simple. Initially they will be accelerated in the water until it reaches the speed of 70 km / h assisted by flapping their tails. Once they jumped in the water, fins, fins will develop and use wind to gain altitude. Sometimes they slapped his tail to keep the high jump and change direction.

In some species of flying fish wings on the chest also assisted in the rear wing, so that the four-winged species are more powerful in the air beratraksi. Although not much flying ability, can do flying fish fly together, with a unique formation to travel up to 400 meters.


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