Friday, September 18, 2009

Uzbekistan Hell Gate [ Picture ]

A natural phenomenon well-metaphor for a reply which certainly everyone wants to avoid it .... This form Secenery in Central Asian countries, Uzbekistan ... Scary but the possibility is of volcanic lava or volcano's mouth ... just a look ... if we enter into it ... but the explanation of this fact ... this place is in reply Uzbekistan held by local residents as Door to Hell ... border lies with a small airport named Darvaz. This story began about 35 years ago wrote. A geologist had dug this place to look for the original gas. Suddenly during the dig, they have a huge gap be found under the ground. because too large so that all the equipment has been digging into the abyss.

No anyone who dared to fall into the abyss the abyss caused by the original gas filled the earth. To avoid the natural gas which will contaminate the earth, they had lit a fire in the gulf, and since from it so that now, has 35 years of this hole burning non-stop for a moment though.


mas doyok said...

hm... mohon maaf lahir batin yaaaa

Anonymous said...

kya chutiyaagiri hai?

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